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  • One of the most vulnerable milestones of my education was realized during last summer’s MGIMO program, which included a Russian Foreign Policy module. Being the youngest participant there, I gained experience in forecasting international processes and understanding the historical trajectory of governments around the world. All of the lectures were very interesting and helpful. The politic ascpets which the program cover worth it. Even i had favourite lecturer Yuri Dubinin!! Now,the other members of the program are my friends, we still communicate online discussing the latest news breakout and everyday experience. I truly recommend this summer program!
  • MGIMO summer school has been one of my best experiences during my study. That is a great opportunity to meet high skilled people, to create a network, and know more about Russia... To debate with several teachers, who are from different institutions, was the first advantage of this formation: the diversity of backgrounds really furthered our points of view. Speaking Russian or not, it did not really matter, all lessons were in English and the language was not a hurdle for quality of exchanges. At the same time, way of life in the campus was really exiting, thanks to the staff who really made this trip happy. It is all the more true that you have access in all school’s equipments (swimming pool, weights room, beautiful garden…). Thanks to this summer school, I know now that I am going to postulate in a master to continue my study in this prestigious university. If you have the opportunity to participate in this program, just do it!
  • MGIMO Summer school program is an extraordinary experience. Lectures are held by many professors with a different focus of studies. There are not only the professors from MGIMO but also the experts currently working in the studied environment. During this program, there are many tours to the local landmarks, which help to explore Moscow. All of the events provide students with knowledge about the field they are interested in. I have participated in Module 2 and 3. Module 2 has helped me to understand the current situation in Russian foreign policy making, factors affecting Russian foreign policies, and different perspectives on these policies. During Module 3 I have learned a lot about hydrocarbons: where they come from, how to extract them, and the most importantly- how they affect our lives today. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the topics of Modules and the Russian culture.
  • MGIMO Summer school 2017 program was well prepared. I enjoyed all aspects of it. We had a very informative and interesting course, which gave us strong basis for understanding contemporary foreign policy of Russia and the major forces that drive it. This course also helped me to discover Russia’s perspective on current challenges of international relations. In addition to our daily lectures, we had a very exciting cultural program. We were offered a number of informative and fun excursions. We were also allowed to use all MGIMO facilities, including the swimming pool, gym, etc. MGIMO staff was extremely caring and did everything possible to support us during our stay at MGIMO. They made our time there very special. I highly recommend MGIMO Summer school to anyone studying abroad.
  • I was very fortunate to study international relations and oil and gas policy at MGIMO during the summer of 2017. Doing so was a wonderfully enriching experience for me. It broadened my understanding of Russia in important and compelling ways. And it memorably allowed me to explore and enjoy Moscow. I don't think I'll ever forget watching the sunrise over Red Square on a beautiful, early Sunday morning. But for the MGIMO Program, I never would have benefitted from these positive experiences.
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