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MGIMO University Campus in Odintsovo has been offering intensive training modules on Russian Foreign Policy and on Russian Energy Policy and International Energy Cooperation for three years now. Both modules are taught in English by prominent, internationally recognized MGIMO University professors, at graduate level. Students attend daily lectures, followed by group discussions and teamwork projects, meet prominent Russian politicians and diplomats, representatives of Russian and international big businesses.
Carole Grimaud Potter was one of the students of the MGIMO International Summer School Program in 2016. In commemoration of the Centenary of the Russian October Socialist Revolution in 2017 Carole created a Center for Russia and Eastern Europe Research – CREER, the first think tank in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to Russia and post-soviet space.
The founder, Carole Grimaud Potter, a student in Master 2 «Russia – Eastern Europe» at the Global Studies Institute , gathered her fellow students in a Geneva’s cafe and convinced them to publish all their academic research on their areas of studies and specialization. Late December in 2017, the first focus on Russian Arctic was published on the web site with more than 8 analyses and interviews. Students, researchers and professors from many countries specializing in the Russian and post-soviet space have joined the CREER trying to promote a neutral and objective academic vision of Russia and post-soviet countries, free of any media or political prejudice. Carole Grimaud Potter first met some of the contributors during the MGIMO International Summer School Program she attended in 2016. The ambitious project received a very enthusiastic and supportive feed-back from the scientific community in Geneva, internationally and in Russia. «The think tank CREER’s goal is to gather actors from those fields, around symposium, seminars, meetings and round tables for an open and constructive dialogue on subjects related to our specialization area», said the founder, Carole Grimaud Potter. «I hope we will contribute to inform our readers the best we can on Russia and Eastern European countries and succeed in bringing together the people interested in this part of the world».
MGIMO University in Odintsovo is very much interested in collaboration with CREER and is ready for various joint projects. Steady as you go, Carole!
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