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MGIMO Political Science Students’ Discussion Club Gains New Momentum

MGIMO Political Science Students’ Discussion Club Gains New Momentum

Political Science students of MGIMO-University in Odintsovo, members of the “Public Administration in a Comparative Perspective: Discussion Club”, held their third meeting on March 6, 2018.
The members of the Club reviewed two presentations of their freshmen colleagues Alexander Burba, Daniil Novikov and Elisabeth Klimenko, who had recently received invitations from the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) to make their presentations “Migration Inside and Outside the Post-Soviet Space in the Context of Globalization: Tendencies and Perspectives» and «The Agreement between Russia and China about the Shortening of Illegal Migration» at the Paris World Congress of Political Science Students “Globalization And Diversity” this April.
Discussions turned to be very heated, and a lot of critical remarks and proposals were made which were gracefully accepted by the authors of the two presentations.
The Club members agreed to actively participate in the forthcoming International Summer School Modules to be held in Odintsovo this June and July.

06 03, 18
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