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Forthcoming Russian - Norwegian Conference at MGIMO Odintsovo

Forthcoming Russian - Norwegian Conference at MGIMO Odintsovo

Russian - Norwegian Conference “Innovations in Socio-Economic Development: Norwegian & Russian Experience & Roadmap” will be held at MGIMO University in Odintsovo this coming Thursday, February 8, 2018.
Norway and Russia are Northern countries. By designing the concept of “The City of the Future”, both countries must identify ways for addressing and resolving numerous urban challenges facing modern metropolises as well as small towns, in social, economic, infrastructural, ethno-political and environmental areas. The Conference is organized by MGIMO University in Odintsovo, Moscow, Russia, and the High North Centre at Nord University Business School in Bodø, Norway in order to examine new and efficient forms of bilateral cooperation in the area of innovations in the energy sector, development of Arctic resources, as well as public governance at the regional and municipal level. The conference intends to be an arena for sharing experience in addressing urbanisation problems, including housing and public utilities sector, taking into account innovations and sustainable development.
Politicians, regional and municipal level public officials, businessmen, diplomats, researchers, students and professors participating in this Conference will examine innovations from different perspectives; development of Arctic resources, business development in Norwegian and Russian regions, private-state partnership, and education.
MGIMO-University and Nord University are developing the concept of the “University of the Future”, and wish to have a clear vision of a new education system capable of facing current challenges and staying open for innovations.
The Conference is expected to work out specific proposals aimed at further development of the Russian – Norwegian cooperation, in introducing innovations in the socio-economic development of the regions, education and research, and will put together relevant “Road Maps”.

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